With us, safety takes top priority.

This is why, at KOLLMEDER, we have always committed to quality. Our customers can be sure that our products fulfill consistently high standards of quality.


Before our products leave the factory, they are inspected according to specific requirements or standard specifications by means of destructive testing (DT) and non-destructive testing (NDT).


Non-destructive tests:

  • Ultrasonic test (UT)
  • Dye penetrant test (PT)
  • Magnetic particle test (MT)
  • Visual test (VT)
  • Ferrite measurement
  • Measurement of residual magnetism
  • Spectral analysis / positive material inspection


Destructive tests:

  • Tensile test at room temperature
  • Warm tensile test up to 900 ºC
  • Notch impact test (room temperature / to -196°C)
  • Hardness testing
  • Metallographic investigations


Simulated heat treatment