Company Policy

The company policy is defined by the management and its appropriateness is reviewed annually.

The guiding principles of our company:

  • Our most important task is the satisfaction of our customers and employees.
  • The quality of our products, as well as the fulfilment of all environmental requirements, guarantees economic success and, with it, the future of our company.
  • Product safety is the foundation of our work.
  • Management sets a good example.
  • We create a positive working atmosphere through success-oriented thought and action within our team.
  • The constant striving for improvements as regards quality, the environment and occupational safety is something which defines our everyday work. 
Through avoiding errors, constantly improving work processes, and our zero defect strategy, we want to optimise our company and to strengthen our positive external image.
  • Success must be visible and perceptible.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations goes without saying.