Safety - Success - Profit

Shorter reaction times, considerable reduction in production costs.

Tell us what you need, and we provide the necessary experience, the professional competence, and the technical know-how.


The KOLLMEDER advantages at a glance.

You should expect no less from your partner.


Competence and experience

Our customers have a very high awareness of quality. We have successfully risen to meet this challenge. Qualified and experienced employees produce rings, forgings and punched and blind discs on our specially-tailored machinery. In doing so, a big emphasis is placed on quality assurance during every phase of production.
The result: a consistent standard of quality for the safety of our customers!

Perfection begins with the request for quotation

We rate reliability particularly highly, and this includes as early as the request for quotation. The shortest reaction times, problem-free order processing, a high degree of flexibility, short delivery times and complete adherence to delivery dates - just a few of the things you can rely on KOLLMEDER for at any time. 

Qualified personnel

We value the specialist knowledge and skills of our employees in all fields.
And our customers value their competence, from acceptance of the order, to production, to delivery.

Technical equipment and quality assurance

A large range of services and high demands on quality demand
the most modern of technical know-how. At KOLLMEDER, we make use of the most modern and most economically suitable technology
for each stage of production.
The result: a fantastic price-performance ratio.

A high level of in-house production - processing

KOLLMEDER relies on in-house production. The advantages of this for the customer:
reduction of the production risk, the calculable saving of time, a considerable reduction in production costs, the avoidance of unnecessary transportation costs - and, as a result, shorter lead times for your company.

Economising in perfection

With the advent of “just in time” deliveries in the industry, more and more companies are able to deliver complete, pre-finished assemblies.
This means: even shorter reaction times and a reduction in storage costs.